Brand Name︰OUGEN

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 2100 / pc

Minimum Order︰5 pc

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Product Description

60W Wind & Solar Led light system.

A  Power System

The solar panel(s) are poly technology,with a full solar panel replacement warranty of 10years against the power output of the solar panel degrading by over 10% plus a 25 year warranty against the solar panel degrading by over 20%. The panel(s) are UL listed and get IEC61215,TUV CE, IEC61730 certification.

Our capacity is 50MW per year.

B. Wind turbines

1.Material wind turbine blades by injection molding from the high intensity of ultra-high-precision engineering plastic,quiet and smooth running. Generator—adopted from high-quality rate earth permanent magnets,with small size,light weight and high-efficiency power generation. Model—applicable to a wide range -30 to 60 degree ambient temperature and high humidity, wind and salt spray sand and other environment,high reliability.

C. Battery Storage

1. The storage batteries are sealed valve regulated thyrotrophic gel lead acid type. It is pressurized through the use of Bunsen type vents, maintenance free, air shippable, 100% recyclable, 

The batteries are fully warranted for a minimum of 3 years.

D. Control Electronics

1. The controller can be timable or dusk till dawn 

2. The charge current from the solar panel is controlled in a 2-Stage series fashion to charge the Gel battery to a float of 14.5 VDC. The series charge is not allowed to resume unless the battery voltage falls below 10.85 VDC with low voltage disconnect condition

3 The entire charge electronics is fully warranted for 5 years

E. Light Fixture

1. The illuminating source shall be a LED light or CFL light.The lamp shall use rare earth phosphor coatings to obtain a color rendition index of at least 87 and a color temperature of 4,100k or 6,000k.

2. Using Cree and SSC top quality of LED, reach 110lm/w. which can be used more than 7years,which have awarded "Certificate of utility model patent" and "Invention patent".

3. The lamp shall be fully warranted for a period of 30.000hrs for led light or 12,000 hours for

specifications︰ Component wind & solar led system
solar panel: 60w
wind motor: 400W
battery: 24V 120AH
Light fixture: 60W LED
  24V 6000K 6000LM
  SSC or CREE 100LM/W
Controller: Y
Slide pole arm: Y
Mounting hardware: Y
Pole: N

Export Markets︰ ALL WORLD

Payment Details︰ T/T

Min Order︰ 5PCS

Ship Date︰ 30 DAYS

Standard Met︰ CE ROHS